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Network and Distributed System

What happens after you type a URL into a browser

In order to answer the question, we should go through Web, HTTP, and DSN concept in application layer. Webpage Web page includes objects which simply can be HTML file, an image, a Java applet, a video file,…- that is addressed by a single URL. Most Web pages consists of a base HTML file and several… Read More »

Compare and contrast the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols

IPv4 and IPv6 are internet protocol applied at network-layer. IPv6 has been proposed to replace IPv4 because of 32-bit address space of the IPv4 soon to be completely allocated. IPv4 – The fourth version of Internet protocol Figure 1: IPv4 datagram format. Version number: Using 4 bits to specify the IP protocol version of the datagram.… Read More »

Socket programming using TCP and UDP

Introduction This note is to learn how to build client/server application that communication using TCP and UDP sockets focusing on application layer. Socket is “door” between application process and end-transport protocol. Figure 1: Socket “door” in the internet protocol stack. Two sockets types of two transport services: UDP (unreliable datagram), and TCP (reliable, in-order byte… Read More »